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Kabutoshimen web site update

As you may have noticed I have been very busy updating all my/our web sites with new style and skins. Most of the sites is 100% XHTML validated, and should look the same on all browsers. They look best on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and iExporer (in that order!). Some of the sites that is updated is (in no particular order)…

Web sites (all is hand coded) (runs on Drupal) (runs on MagentoCommerce)

Blogs (all is WordPress MU with different skins)

todo (sites that need something) (maybe? low priority)

I need to do a Site map of all my/our web sites is necessary, to keep track of them all, anyone have any ideas? Please comment!

1 thought on “Kabutoshimen web site update”

  1. I added a few more blogs, and included some AJAX scripts that fetch more seminars. If you have ideas, come on let me know!

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