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Buki – The Bujinkan Weapons

We have many many weapons (Buki) in the Bujinkan Dojo. The Bujinkan Dojo has nine schools that we could say is “Samurai Schools” and “Ninjutsu Schools”. So we study all the weapons that the Samurai would use, and that the Ninja would use.

The over all philosophy in the Bujinkan is that we are studying an art that is timeless, we are and have always been open to new weapons and new techniques. Our goal is to be able to use anything as a weapon or tool for self defence.

Bujinkan is mainly a Taijutsu School, and when we use weapons we do so with Taijutsu in mind. For example when we use a sword it might not look as pretty as someone that only trains with a sword, sometimes it looks strange to experts in sword arts. There is a reason for that, masters of the old never explained their techniques to strangers.

We train with many traditional weapons. And we are also familiar with modern weapons like guns. We don’t really teach guns in the Dojo (with exceptions) but we encourage our students to learn the basics.


There is also some arts that was used in the old times that we do not train or teach anymore, like how to make poison and bombs. Besides being very illegal, those old techniques are outdated and in no use in self defence.

Then there was also the arts of how to foresee the weather, moon cycles, astrology etc. These arts was used in warfare planning, when it was the best time to attack and from what direction etc.

We might teach aspects of these arts to keep the traditions alive, but we are no experts in these arts anymore. Today there is an app if you really wanna know, study medicine, join the army if you really want to know these aspects.