Taikai Deutchland 2008

Taikai Deutchland 2008

Taikai Deutchland last weekend was a big success for Bujinkan in Germany, there was about 25 German 10th dans teaching, and in total there was 350 people, mostly from Germany. Holger Kunzmann and his staff did a great job to organize this event. Everyone I talked to was very pleased about this seminar, good for Germany and the Bujinkan! I will upload many, many pictures from this event later in May/June.

I will go to Japan tomorrow and right now I need to go to sleep. There might be some more blog news coming from Japan soon :-).

Shizen, the cause of nature and adapting to it


We now have over 100 people signed up for this years Taikai. Many people from different countries, most notably is Czech Republic with 16 people and Finland with 15 people, the rest is spread evenly between 10 other countries.

Unfortunately Sveneric and Mariette can not come this year. Mariette had to remove one of her upper ribs 10 years ago. Over the years her shoulder have dropped down and caused impaired moveability and pain. And now she is going to do surgery to fix it. Both Sveneric and Mariette would have loved to come, but they can’t. We already invited them for next year and they have gladly accepted.

I know some of you will be disappointed but that is life. Shizen is also this years theme, things change naturally and we have to adopt to the changes naturally and do the best we can without looking back of what could have been. It will be a great Taikai regardless. We still have many other good instructors that will come. Maybe we will add more instructors or increase the remaining instructors teaching time.

However this will not affect the overall training quality or amount of training opportunity!