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Day 6 (12tr)

It never cease to amaze me how some people don’t pay attention to what the teachers is showing. I just realized that I’m now starting to understand Shiraishi sensei’s movements and can use them more freely without thinking to much. I think this is because I have paid attention to what, and how he is doing things and most importantly trying to copy his movements. My training partner on the other hand was doing his own stuff -/

The second class with Nagato sensei was simple movements in to good positions taking the balance and have a strong kamae to make the final technique strong. Not because you use power but because you put the opponent into a weak position and yourself into a strong position (same as Shiraishi sensei!). Then lightly apply the technique. The important point I think is to get into the technique so that you don’t have to use so much power. My training partner this session was very stiff and rigid, he took my balance pretty good but when applying the technique there was no “koppo”, no technique, just muscles against my stronger points and not the weak points, as if he didn’t know how to do a gyaku. Very far away from what was being taught I think.

The third class was with Noguchi sensei. His classes is all about feeling and henka, he show the class something and get the training going and immediately show people henka of what he was just teaching, then he break the class and show something new. You have time to do the techniques two times each if you do it quickly. These training’s is very intense and a lot of fun. This training my partner was pretty good and we had a lot of fun.

By being so critical I wondered if I should post this or not, but then it is my blog and why shouldn’t I write what I feel. I hope there was some kind of insight.

Oh, yesterday I saw a few pages from the new book by Hatsumi Soke. It was just as I expected, text describing the techniques and not pictures describing the techniques as far as I could see. But there was many pictures, some I never seen before of Hatsumi Soke and also pictures of Takamatsu sensei I never seen before. The book was just a sample, and it will probably be ready in June.