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Toryu Newsletter

Toryu Newsletter

This is my monthly or bi-monthly Toryu Newsletter. Maybe you don’t really know that much about me, didn’t you read my bio? I have been training in the Bujinkan for quite a while now.

But apart from Bujinkan training I have also been interested in computers and internet, before most of you were born… actually there was no internet when I started training. I hear you say, OK boomer. No I’m actually gen-x, stop your insults right there, hehe.

I know I sound really old, but I created the first Bujinkan web site in 1995. That’s 10 years before facebook (no, facebook is not internet!). But before all of that I was communicating with other Martial Arts nerds over Compuserve and FidoNet.

Over the years I created many web sites and they all have their own focus. For example…

    • TORYU.SE is my personal Bujinkan web site.
    • KAIGOZAN.SE is my Dojo web site
    • BUDOSHOP.SE is our download video shop (all profits benefits my dojo).
    • NINZINE.COM used to be 1.4Mb floppy disc multimedia magazine from before websites was invented. Now it is collecting articles and essays from other blogs,
    • BUJINKAN.ME was intended to be a more general Bujinkan information website.

Contribute to the Toryu Newsletter

If you want to advertise a seminar in my Toryu Newsletter, all I ask is that you email me a link to a web site that does not require a login (yes, it includes facebook!) with all the information needed for the seminar.

If you have something else you want to share, please contact me by e-mail on newsletter at Please do not send me links that is behind pay wall, or login wall (like most social media), I will not publish links that cannot be accessed without a login.

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