Japanese beer test #5

On the left is still my favourite so far, Yona Yona Ale from Karuizawa Nagano.

On the right was an alcohol free beer from Kirin. Pretty lame compared too good alcohol free beer like Jever and Klausthalle. It had some weird taste which reminded me of sweatty shoes.

The middle one is with alcohol 5%, Sparkling Hop from Kirin breweries. It has hops from New Zealand. This beer is also without bite :-(. It taste almost like all their other beers. Kirin have thousands of different beers and they are all the same more or less. What a boring brewery! That is why I didn’t include them in the earlier tests.

It will probably take some time before I write about Kirin again. Same goes for Asahi and Sapporo. It seems to be as difficult to introduce dark bread as ales in this country. It will change, I know!