Stick Fighting DVD feed back :-)

Today I got an e-mail from Mr Tom Lang, who is the author of The Stick And Cane In Close Combat: Jointlocks, Takedowns and Surprise Attacks, that really made my day. I see that his own book got really nice reviews on Amazon. I guess I did something right for once ;-). Here is what he wrote…

Mats: I recently acquired your DVD on the hanbo. It is by far the best available. I have made a special study of hanbo and cane techniques for the past 10 years and have collected more than 150 books and DVDs on these techniques, so I believe I can make that statement with confidence. Congratulations!

Tom Lang
Author of The Stick and Cane in Close Combat (Unique Publications)

The Stick Fighting DVD can be found here, it is also available as and iPod version for download here.

Happy training!