There is a new supplier of training weapons

I recently got some new training tools from Mr Gary Phillips from Budo Buki, and I can’t wait to start using them. Not seen on the picture was also a Hanbo in the same colour. I chosed the colours, I guess you can get them in any colour you want.

Budo Buki is committed to providing quality handmade, affordable, padded training tools for the martial arts community. Through a great deal of research, we have developed strong, lightweight, durable products for Budo training. Seeing a lack of safe training tools on the market, we decided to fill the need with our line of covered and padded swords, staffs and long tools.

Good luck to Mr Phillips and the Budo Buki shop.

Happy training!

Fix Universal

I must recommend this for cleaning swords, I think it is called “Fix Universal” and the website is

I had a nasty spot on my iaito for years, from a chestnut I cut. I didn’t clean it properly so it was this for 10 years or so. The iaito is aluminium so it never rusted, anyway the stain looked worse and worse. It came of really easy with this fix.

It is also supposed to be very good for polishing away rust from metal. I don’t have anything rusty to clean, so I can not testify this myself. But I do believe it could work if you have a sword that got rusty and stained.