The new Honbu dojo

Today was the first training with soke in honbu dojo. He opened speaking about a new honbu dojo that hopefully can be started on in 3-4 years. The current honbu will stand here for five more years, then the city will build the railway where it stands now.

Soke asked us to spread the word that it is ok to send in donations for the new honbu dojo. I would suggest that each dojo-cho will collect money and donate it in the name of respective dojo.

一人天狗 selfishness

It is more and more difficult to find hot spots here than ever. So far I have only found one (thanks Bic camera in Kashiwa!) (Edit: this is now closed!). Those around Atago and Minami-senju is now gone.

Today the teacher said we should practice slowly and get rid of our bad habits. Then he said that we should not be so selfish. Do what the situation demands of you, not what you want to do with the situation. There is also the opponents will and doings that you have to think about, not just yourself.

The second training today with Soke… He didn’t speek so much today (I think?). But he did say one thing i remember, that the higher rank you have the more you have to become zero.

Then I think almost everyone attending was called up to demonstrate. I had to go up twice. There was many people doing good, even green belts! Some not so good (also including me). Doing badly in front of everyone can also be good I think. I don’t feel the need to prove anything. The dojo is the place you train on things you don’t know so well. And everyone in the dojo is your friend, always willing to help. Don’t forget that ego has no place in the dojo.

Arrived to Tokyo this morning

…and now I’m finishing up my soya latte before heading out to honbu dojo (I don’t know if there is an extra training during the day, I hope so).

The weather is fine a little cloudy but warm and humid as I expected. Well it’s time to go 🙂