Taijutsu (Unarmed Fighting Techniques)

体術 Taijutsu is our unarmed fighting techniques in the Bujinkan Dōjō. First we teach our students the fundamental techniques from the 天地人略の巻 Ten-Chi-Jin Ryaku no Maki. There are several versions of TCJRNM, I have compiled my own version and made it as a book (here is the link). As a Martial Arts school this would be enough techniques, but in Bujinkan Dōjō we also have six 流派 Ryū-ha (traditional schools) with their own techniques. It is generally recommended that the student first learn the TCJRNM up to 5th Dan rank. Then study the nine Ryū-ha.


TenChiJin Ryaku no Maki and my Yudansha Book is divided in to three levels. My recommendation is that students first start learning the Ten Ryaku no Maki and polish it up to 1 Dan rank. Then go on to study the Chi Ryaku no Maki up to 3 Dan rank. Then study the Jin Ryaku no Maki until passing the 5 Dan test. If you follow this recommendation you will have a good foundation for the Bujinkan Taijutsu and it will be easy to learn the Ryū-ha Taijutsu techniques and Buki (weapons).

天略の巻 TEN RYAKU NO MAKI (The scroll of Heaven)
Here we learn to move the body naturally and effectively. Essentially how to become a good Uke (receiver of techniques). When Hatsumi Soke’s own teacher Takamatsu Sensei started training over 120 years ago as a young boy he was thrown around the Dojo by the seniors for a year before he was taught any techniques. This gave him a good foundation for the next level.

地略の巻 CHI RYAKU NO MAKI (The scroll of Earth)
Here we learn the techniques, how to apply them the best way possible. Remember that a technique done with strength is not optimal, what if your opponent is stronger? We learn what we call Koppo, the essential point of what makes the technique work without using too much force.

人略の巻 JIN RYAKU NO MAKI (The scroll of Man)
Here we combine movement and technique together. It is how our Goshin-jutsu, self-defence system comes in play. The techniques here are chosen from the nine traditions in the Bujinkan system.

Here is a complete list of the Ten-Chi-Jin Ryaku no Maki from my book Yudansha.