Gikan-ryū Koppōjutsu was never one of the main schools in the Bujinkan Dōjō and never taught by Hatsumi Sōke publicly. He may have mentioned a few things about the school in Honbu Dōjō, but never gone in depth. However he have taught a select few people in private, how much he taught each individual might vary.

On 48’th trip to Japan in late November 2019 I did get to train Gikan-ryū Koppōjutsu on two trainings in Honbu Dōjō with Noguchi Sensei. He said he was taught 10 techniques in private with Hatsumi Sōke four years ago. The techniques does not have names. One of the characteristics of the school is that you strike the attacker from the side (often strikes to the kidneys).

Gikan-ryū and Gyokushin-ryū came from a period along with many other schools that where using the Koppōjutsu name. But as was proven in the literature of that time, before all these there was Gyokkō-ryū Kosshijutsu. And from that period came Gikan-ryū’s style of moving to present the narrowest possible target to the opponent. -Hatsumi Sōke (Quest Video SPD7019)


The characteristics for the Kamae is that the toes on both feet’s are pointing almost in the opponent direction which makes it difficult to keep the balance.


These techniques are nameless. The important thing is the Kūkan (spatial relationship between things). -Hatsumi Sōke

  1. 本目技 (1’st Technique)
  2. 本目技 (2’nd Technique)
  3. 本目技 (3’rd Technique)
  4. 本目技 (4’th Technique)
  5. 本目技 (5’th Technique)
  6. 本目技 (6’th Technique)
  7. 本目技 (7’th Technique)
  8. 本目技 (8’th Technique)
  9. 本目技 (9’th Technique)
  10. 本目技 (10’th Technique)

the first strike will not come from the martial winds