16th May 2022

Fifth newsletter. The last theme we studied was Takagiyoshin-ryu and Tessen.

I will continue with all the Takagiyōshin-ryū techniques together with the Tessen (iron fan) for the whole summer. Also more long weapon trainings as we usually do during the summer time when we can be training outside.

I'm still planning to attend both the Nagato Taikai, Germany in August and Noguchi Taikai UK in October.



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稽古の主題 KEIKO NO SHUDAI - 2022 #4

The theme for this summer will be Takagiyoshin-ryu Jutaijutsu, Daishosabaki, Mutodori and weapons.

The trainings will be more free this summer. If the weather is good we will be training outside with longer weapons.

I was also invited to do a seminar on Swords together with the Bujinkan Dojo in Norrköping. I will be there and I expect they will have more information at their web site.
The training continues the whole summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00 at Kaigozan Dojo. We might notify on twitter with short notice if the training is cancelled. We never take vacations, there is always someone that open the dojo for training.

The training fee on Tuesdays & Thursdays is included for all members of Kaigozan Dojo. For all others it is 100 SEK. We have no Saturday seminar planned at the moment.
Kodachi-jutsu Video
My latest Download Video is is now available at Budoshop.SE
Keiko no Shudai 2022 #2 was recorded at the Kaigozan Dojo in April 2022.


  • June 11 (Norrköping, Sweden) - Training For Skill (more info)
  • Aug 26-28 (Saarland, Germany) - Nagato Taikai (more info)
  • Sep 24 (Stockholm, Sweden) - TAnjobI-KAI (more info)
  • Oct 15-16 (London, UK) - Noguchi Taikai
If you want your seminar listed here send me an email to [email protected] with all information. Then I will add it here in a short format like the one above.


I have only written one public book, and it is the YUDANSHA book. I got very good feedback from many prominent Bujinkan teachers including Hatsumi Soke. The book covers all the Taijutsu techniques I think every 5'th Dan should know by heart.

The book is only available from Lulu!

Below is two pages from the book as an example. It is available in a few different formats and bindings.

3 Tips for 大外掛 Ōsoto Gake You Should Start Using Now

Tonight in my class we studied 夢落 yume otoshi. The last time I did this in Japan, Hatsumi Sensei gave us some insights that I want to share with you. He began by telling us 空間で嚮導 Kūkan de kyōdō, or lead the opponent in the kukan.

Jūjiro Or The Indirect Fight

In the Kukishin ryū, there is one central concept that many don’t know, and it is called “Jūjiro”. With the pandemic, everyone experiences difficult times, and it seems that many of us should be reminded of some basic concepts. Jūjiro is one of them.

Is 2022 A Dive Into The Abyss?

Happy Shinnen to all! This 新年 (shinnen) is the Japanese for “New Year”. (1) This became a particular date only when humans began counting time. But this cosmic event has been going on for more than 4.5 billion years.
We collected nearly 2000 articles and essays from the most well known Instructors of the Bujinkan Dojo since 2005.
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