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14th June 2023

Ninth newsletter. Not much has happened, training as usual. We completed the filming of the second Kata of Shindenfudō-ryū last week, and now we are focusing on the third and last level Shizen Shigoku no Kata.

We will also train on the Rokushakubo and Bokken to prepare our students for the seminar with Noguchi Soke in August.

In June we completed the second level of Shindenfuō-ryū Dakentaijutsu Chi no Kata or Biken Isshun. The video is available at BUDOSHOP.SE.

Now we move on to the third level, Shizen Shigoku no Kata. I made an article for preparation, read it on my blog.



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Shizen Shigoku no Kata: Cultivating Natural Movement and Spontaneity in Shindenfudō-Ryū Daken-Taijutsu

Shizen Shigoku no Kata, the pinnacle of Shindenfudō-Ryū Daken-Taijutsu, represents the
ultimate expression of mastery in this ancient martial art form. It goes beyond the physical techniques and delves into the realm of natural movement and spontaneity.
By exploring the key principles and philosophies behind Shizen Shigoku no Kata.
Practitioners can unlock a deeper understanding of how to embody natural perfection in
their practice.

Click the link below for the full article


Bookmark BUJINKAN.TV this is where we upload our video clips.

New video since the last news letter is...

Kaigozan Dojo Training

The training continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:00 at Kaigozan Dojo. We might notify on twitter with short notice if the training is cancelled. We never take vacations, there is always someone that open the dojo for training.

The training fee on Tuesdays & Thursdays is included for all members of Kaigozan Dojo. For all others it is 100 SEK. If you happen to be in the town you are very welcome to join us for training!

Kaigozan Seminar

We organise small seminars a few times per year in the Dojo. You are welcome to attend if you are in town. We don't take pre-registrations or sign ups, just pack your Keikogi and come, we will be there. Cancelled seminars will be announced on our twitter@kaigozan.

When we do bigger seminars we will use the TAIKAI.SE web site.

My latest Download Video is is now available at Budoshop.SE
Complete SHINDENFUDO-RYU DAKENTAIJUTSU with MATS HJELM (part 2 of 3) was recorded at the Kaigozan Dojo in June 2023.


  • Aug 5 (Stockholm, SE) - Mats Hjelm (more info)
  • Aug 18-20 (Stockholm, SE) - Noguchi Taikai (more info)
  • Nov 17-19 (Helsinki, FI) - Nagato Taikai (more info)
If you want your seminar listed here send me an email to [email protected] with all information. Then I will add it here in a short format like the one above.


I have only written one public book, and it is the YUDANSHA book. I got very good feedback from many prominent Bujinkan teachers including Hatsumi Soke. The book covers all the Taijutsu techniques I think every 5'th Dan should know by heart.

The book is only available from Lulu!

Below is two pages from the book as an example. It is available in a few different formats and bindings.

Master One To Master All

At the end of the class, Nagato sensei said, “if you master one thing, you can master anything”.
It reminded me of how Musashi became a fantastic painter after mastering the art of the sword. (1) In his famous book “Gorin no Sho”, he writes, “When I apply the principle of strategy to the ways of different arts and crafts, I no longer require a teacher in any domain.”

Encounter With A Polisher

The Japanese Dai Shihan show how to polish our movements; I call them “polishers” for that reason.
My younger son Amaury is 27 years old, and this is his first Japan trip. Entering Nagato sensei’s class, he had the time of his life as he was his uke for the course. Being the son of the polar bear, it was obvious that Nagato sensei would use him as uke. I should have told him in advance, but somehow I forgot (am I a bad father?). This trip was supposed to be in 2019, but I had to go to Lebanon for a few months, and then the confinement hit us all.

Kannin: Keep Going!

With my brother-in-arms Pedro, and a few others, we had the chance to share lunch with Sensei. During this time, he said, “this year, the important is Kannin, keep going.” (1)
There are several meanings to Kannin. Kannin refers to a period in Japanese history at the beginning of the 11th century (1017-1021).
We collected nearly 2000 articles and essays from the most well known Instructors of the Bujinkan Dojo since 2005.
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