the End (for now) – Day 10 (20tr)

Times up for this time, 20 trainings in 10 days and my head is full of ideas for training back home. I’m doing the laundry and will start packing after this message. There is not much I can say about the trainings except that they are very good, it is like when Soke asked me to explain the feeling efter taking me down to the floor (without pinning me down). All I could say was that he was soft and not using any muscle power at all, he took my balance completely, the timing and everything was perfectly executed.

He did the same thing to another uke until he was on the floor and then soke was pinning him down. He tried to escape the pain, move to a place where the pain would be less and he almost broke his fingers. Another uke said the pain was terrible (my words), and Soke said that the pain should not be so that the opponent tries to jerk out and try to escape, but it should be in such a way that the uke is too scared to move at all. I strongly belive to achieve that is beyond physical techniques, anyone can inflict pain (so please don’t think inflicting more pain in a technique will cause this effect!). Soke also said that you should lock the person and make him feel secure, like you take care of him (like holding a pet and stroking it).

Well I won’t go into more details here. When I get home I will try to upload some pictures to the kaigozan photo album. Next weekend I will be teaching a seminar in Istanbul, I hope you can be there…