Day 5 (9tr)

Today was a relaxed day, only one training (with Soke in Ayase). I went to Ueno looking for Engrish t-shirt’s (found one) and some green tea. Then I went to Akihabara to see if there was something new spectacular, it wasn’t. Then it was time for training, I trained with T-san, one of Noguchi sensei’s oldest students, that was very good. Dean called me (among four others) up to demonstrate, it was ok, but not so good.

Noguchi sensei showed the techniques in the beginning and Soke played along with variations. There was not much feeling I could pick up, no techniques I could relate to, so I don’t know what to say about the training really. So I leave it there. The theme now is no theme at all, only feeling, how do you describe that?

Sorry this post serves no purpose at all, I just wanted to use band width ;-).